FOX To Add Supreme Court Themed Reality Show To Its Fall Lineup
April 1, 2009, 12:00 am
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john-roberts-tvThe FOX Broadcasting Company has announced that it will add “Who Wants to Clerk for a Supreme Court Justice?” to its lineup this fall.  The Supreme Court themed reality show, in which recent law school grads compete for the opportunity to spend a year clerking for Chief Justice John Roberts, will be broadcast at 10/9c each Thursday night, after “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Like similarly-themed reality shows such as “The Apprentice,” “Who Wants to Clerk” will feature sixteen recent law school graduates who compete in various challenges set forth by the Chief Justice of the United States or by a weekly “guest Justice.”  To stir controversy among the candidates, exactly half will be members of the Federalist Society.

Although the conservative Chief Justice was initially reluctant to consider so many non-Federalist Society members as possible clerks, he warmed to the idea after discussions with FOX executives.  “The network has assured me that they will select sixteen outstanding young lawyers to participate in this program.”  Adding, “besides, after all that FOX did to help me get this job, I kinda owe them one.”

Many of the candidates’ weekly tasks will invoke some of the Justices’ well-known interests and hobbies.  In one episode, guest Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg challenges two teams of candidates to compose an opera about gender discrimination in the workplace.  Another episode asks the candidates to compete in the “Chief Justice William Rehnquist Memorial Tennis Classic,” and a third requires the candidates to survive on nothing but yogurt and apple cores at a cabin in New Hampshire.

At the conclusion of each episode, the candidates with gather in Chief Justice Roberts’ chambers to hear “The Judgment of the Court.”  After recounting the day’s events and criticizing some of the poorer performing candidates, the Chief Justice will inform one candidate that his or her “petition for a writ of certiorari is denied.”

If the show performs well, FOX is already in talks with Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski to host a spinoff “Who Wants to Clerk for a Feeder Judge?”


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Well done. Especially, “Your petition for a writ of certiorari is denied.” Also, it was nice of you not to title the Kozinski show “Who Wants to Look at Porn with a Feeder Judge?”

Comment by fj

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