Big Pharma’s Loss is America’s Gain: Obama’s Outstanding First Choice for the Federal Bench
March 19, 2009, 10:36 am
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My latest Huffington Post piece, about the nomination of Judge David Hamilton, is up.  A taste:

If you were unfortunate enough to read the National Review yesterday, you would think that President Obama has a stealthy plan to turn America in to Gomorrah. Obama’s new judge supports abortionists! He’s in league with the ACLU! His nomination is payback for ACORN!

In other words, the right is dusting off its old playbook. Judge David Hamilton, a federal district judge in Indiana and the President’s first nominee to the Court of Appeals, once struck down an Indiana law limiting access to abortion. Prior to becoming a judge, he sat on the Indiana ACLU’s board and he even spent a whole month of his early adulthood working as a canvasser for ACORN. Obviously, Judge Hamilton is a dangerous radical who must be stopped.

The truth, of course, is that Judge Hamilton is nothing of the sort. Indeed, the reason why conservatives want to dwell on what David Hamilton did for a month when he was fresh out of college is because they know they cannot win their case against him on the merits.


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