Arbitrators See Dead People
March 5, 2009, 12:00 pm
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movie_i_see_dead_peopleApparently, arbitrators are the Evil League of Evil, superpowers and all:

My mother allegedly died on April 2, 2006. I say allegedly because a collector representing MBNA said he talked to her on June 21st.

Until I saw a letter from Dale Lamb, I felt pretty certain my mother was dead.

I viewed her lifeless body at the hospital. A funeral director, who I have known since the second grade, gave me an urn that supposedly contained her ashes. I have a death certificate from the state of Kentucky.

Despite all that, Lamb claims to have talked to her on June 21st.

Thanks to MBNA and their collector–the ironically named, True Logic Financial Corporation–mom is now in a category with Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison. She has been deemed alive despite tremendous evidence to the contrary.

Mom would love being associated with Elvis but would not have been wild about being categorized with Kurt and Jim.

It seems almost comical, but I was really angry. My mother died without warning, and I miss her. If MBNA’s collector is able to talk to her, I wish he would give me her number.

The story of my mom and MBNA is an example why credit card companies need more regulation.

I was named administrator of mom’s estate after she supposedly died. I then received a letter from a company called Mann Bracken, saying MBNA had obtained an arbitration award against mom.


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