Remind Me Again Who Won The Election
March 4, 2009, 1:22 pm
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Somehow, I missed the GOP’s whiny letter to the President demanding that he put Republicans on the federal bench or else they will throw a tantrum.  In its most stunning act of chutzpah, the letter actually demands that President Obama renominate corrupt former Federalist Society board member Peter Keisler to the D.C. Circuit.  I have every confidence that President Obama would never do such a thing, as a Keisler nomination would be nothing less than a betrayal of the people who elected Obama on the promise that he would end George Bush’s giveaways to the corporate sector.  As I wrote about Keisler before:

Keisler is one of the founding members of the Federalist Society, who even once sat on the FedSoc’s board of directors.  After helping found the nation’s leading organization of ultra-conservative lawyers, Keisler went on to a prestigious clerkship with then-Judge Robert Bork.

Yup, that Robert Bork.

Perhaps most damning, however, are the very serious abuse of power allegations which were raised against Peter Keisler while he worked in the Bush Justice Department:

According to the Washington Post, Keisler was one of a trio of Bush political appointees who ordered career attorneys to intentionally weaken their $130 billion racketeering case against the tobacco industry

President Obama won’t put Keisler on the federal bench, any more than he’d put Monica Goodling in charge of the Office of White House Personnel.


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these people don’t know the difference between courage and shamelessness.

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