George Will Takes the SUPERTRAIN to Crazy Town
February 22, 2009, 7:15 pm
Filed under: Ian

I was going to writeup a detailed smackdown of George Will’s lastest turd of a column, but I just saw that Daniel DeGroot was kind enough to do so for me.  Having decided that his recent factually-challenged attack on science wasn’t quite nutty enough, Will’s latest column calls for repealing the Seventeenth Amendment, which provides for the direct election of senators.  I do want to highlight one paragraph in particular of Will’s column as particularly bizarre:

Furthermore, grounding the Senate in state legislatures served the structure of federalism. Giving the states an important role in determining the composition of the federal government gave the states power to resist what has happened since 1913 — the progressive (in two senses) reduction of the states to administrative extensions of the federal government.

In case you are wondering just “what has happened since 1913” which involved expanding the federal government’s power at the (sometimes) expense of the states, most people refer to these events as the “New Deal” and the “Civil Rights Era.”


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